Lifting A Veil, Part 2

Being on Bob Larson’s mailing list, I get frequent updates on his ministry as well as announcements of his travel schedule and conference events.

Some of you may have caught glimpses of Bob here and there. The primary thrust of his ministry is to make use of the secular media in publicizing his ministry and exposing the work of the enemy. As a result, he has come under a lot of criticism from both the secular media as well as the church.

I leave it up to you to make your own judgments about Bob and his ministry. Just be sure to think for yourself and don’t fall victim to what other people say. Remember your scriptures –

Matthew 5:11- Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.

Since my wife was off work the day of the conference, we decided that we would go. One of the areas that she had never personally seen was an actual deliverance. Since Bob’s conferences are usually centered around deliverance, we both felt that there was a better than average chance of her getting to see one.

We weren’t disappointed.

As the conference began, we were both struck by the numbers of hurting people who had come in the hopes of getting relief – it was that obvious.

Bob began his conference by asking all who were there for help to stand. Fully 75% of the crowd stood up ( I would estimate some 80-90 people). He and his team went around the room and anointed each person from vials of oil that he had prayed over.

We were sitting in front and one man directly behind me had stood up. I noticed my wife watching as Bob approached the man. Throughout the rest of the service, she continued to glance over her shoulder at this particular man. While I thought this a little curious, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

It wasn’t until after we had returned home that she told me what had drawn her attention. Whenever Bob had anointed this particular man, he had started hissing at Bob.

Well now – that was probably a clue that something was going on. Perhaps an indication that things were not what they seemed.

After the service, the man was asked to come up to the front. Bob began to pray and command the foul spirit to show itself.

Nothing. No response – at least at first. Bob persisted.

And then it started. First of all, the man’s face began to change. It started to contort. Still – silence. Whatever was at work was being quite stubborn.

Finally it began to speak. In a deep whisper. Defiant. Resistant.

Bob continued in his efforts to force this entity to the surface and to try and drive it out. In the course of this confrontation, the demon uttered something that I found quite revealing.

It said, “We have no rights.” So – there was more than one in there.

Still, it was quite stubborn. Bob’s attempts to expel it seemed to be weakening it, but he was not able to get it expelled.

After some 30 or 40 minutes, Bob turned to one of his team and asked them to follow up with this man.

Later that night, when we had returned home, my wife went to bed before I did.

Shortly after she had gone to bed, she called me to come in there. Asking her what was going on, she told me she was experiencing fear.

I remembered quite well my own experience with this right after attending my first conference. This seems to be a recurring tactic of the enemy – try to scare people off early on. I also remembered the prayer that I had been led to pray whenever I had encountered this.

Leading her in this prayer, she experienced instant relief. It was gone!

As God lifts these veils, we are called into a realm that defies our ability to fully describe. Entering into this realm is at once fascinating, breathtaking, dangerous and rewarding.

This is a realm that defies our feeble attempts at logic. Our minds, our intellect, our thought processes are incapable of grasping this. And yet, it is a reality that cannot be denied.

2 Corintians 5:7 – For we walk by faith, not by sight:

It has been our great blessing that as God lifts these veils, we have been given no more than He has prepared us for. Yet, with each encounter we are forced to stretch – to increase our faith. To draw closer to Him.

As I see it, it’s just one of the ways that Jesus Christ takes us further up that mountain.



Some time back, we developed a habit of giving our Bibles away. It started when we worked together at the car dealership. We had bought a case to give away in our work.

Whenever a believer would buy a car, we’d give them a Bible. And, whenever a non-believer bought from us, we’d stick one in the glove box, usually along with a tract.

Once we ran out of these give-aways, we would occasionally give away our personal Bibles to those in need of one. I had last given mine away some months ago.

A few days after attending this conference, I got a clear message –

You need a new sword.

Guess we’ll have to buy some more for give-aways.

When I told my wife about this, her initial reaction was – “Uh-oh. I wonder what’s about to happen.”

I have to confess – that was my reaction as well. Not fearful, mind you…. just a little curious.

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