The Stage Is Set

Over the next few months, Tom and I continued to have our regular conversations. As we discussed various events occurring in each of our lives, we began to discern a definite pattern in the enemy’s tactics.

Whenever I would relate to Tom that we might be experiencing what we called a sense of heaviness, Tom would respond by saying that he also noticed similar attacks directed at him. Depression – same thing going on in both places. We began to realize that all this was just further evidence of territorial spirits that we had read about in the Book of Daniel.

Tom related one particular incident that had taken place with one of his church members that was a bit out of the norm.

This younger couple had put their six-year old daughter to bed for the night. Shortly after tucking her in, they heard her screaming. Alarmed, they both ran to her bedroom.

They opened the door – but were only able to open it a few inches. Something was blocking their entrance. They could see their daughter lying on the bed, struggling against some unseen force. Try as they might, they couldn’t budge the door. It was obvious at this point – something was holding it and they were helpless to push it open.

In desperation, the husband shouted “Lord Jesus help us!” Instantly the door swung open and the child jumped from her bed and ran to her parents.

Right after this, they asked Tom to come to their house and pray. Tom also gave them some prayers to say to fight against this should it return.

Tom relayed this story to me the week following a hauntingly similar attack on my wife.

We managed to make another trip to Youngstown to visit with Tom and his church. This time, we were fortunate in that we didn’t undergo any similar attacks like we had encountered following our last trip. At least not in our home.

Work was another matter. We seemed to be constantly facing a spirit of heaviness and desolation. It seemed as though the enemy had shifted tactics and was escalating the attacks from a different front.

In November of that year (2006), I was once again up against the loss of my job. Cut-backs. A haunting similarity to what had occurred in November prior to my heart attack. The similarity was not lost on me.

Throughout this time, my oldest son had been living with us. The following February he decided to move back to Kentucky. Naturally, I offered to help.

Echoes of the past – fired from my job in November, heart attack the following year while helping the neighbors move.

And now – fired from my job in November, going to help my son move the following year. The stage was set for something to happen – again.

I should have seen it coming.

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