Sometimes They Come Back

It was just a day or two after that initial encounter with whatever that “presence” was, that my wife once again called to me to come upstairs.

Just like the previous time, she was agitated. “It’s come back,” she said. I didn’t need to ask what she meant. This time I could sense it. Cold. Evil. It made me shudder. And there was a sense of fear starting to rise up in me.

We were in our bedroom at the time. I had laid the Bible on the dresser after the first encounter and I quickly grabbed it. I held it overhead and repeated the prayer I had said before. Once again, before I could finish, it was gone.

Just like that.

This time had been a little different. More of a sense of the presence. And it was stronger than before.

The following night was peaceful. But not the next night.

It was back. There was a pattern to these events starting to take shape. It would come at my wife, when I wasn’t in the room. And this time, it was even stronger.

So I repeated what I had done before. Grabbed the Bible and prayed out loud. Same result. It left before I could finish.

The following night, all was quiet. So we both went upstairs to the bedroom. I took the Bible and prayed again. Then we joined in prayer and consecrated our house to the Lord. I also summoned angels from heaven and released them to war on our behalf.

A couple of days passed with no occurrences.

And then, something new…… My wife had gone upstairs again. Just shortly after she had gone upstairs, she came back down to where I was and in a very casual voice said, “It’s back again. But don’t worry about it. There’s a sword fight going on in the bedroom. Those angels we asked for are here.”

We both went back upstairs. Total peace and quiet. I asked her what had happened. “I was sitting on the bed,” she said. “And something just came over and sat on the other side of the bed. Nothing bad that I could tell. And then I heard a voice telling me to ‘Get Out’. And as I left, I could hear the sounds of metal clanging.”

So we prayed again. And then I started praying each night when I came to bed. And once again, things got quieter, .. for a while.

Several nights later, I was awakened by something that was pushing on my pillow. My first thought was that it was the cat. We had left the bedroom door open and the cat would usually get in the bed and sleep at the foot. Sometimes he would get up and just walk around the bed before going back to sleep.

This time he wasn’t around. So I laid my head back down. Except now I was awake. Wide awake.

Again, the pillow started to move. And that old chill came over me again. I started praying in a quiet voice. In Jesus’ name commanding this foul thing to leave and never return. I must have repeated this 5 or 6 times. Each time I said it, the chill would lessen. And then it was gone.

And then, the next night, as I slept, the Lord gave me a vision of just what this thing looked like. But I’m not gonna go there. You probably wouldn’t believe it anyway. I’ll just say it was hideous, and BIG.

In reflecting back on this, I came to the conclusion that these battles sometimes take on a good-news bad-news tone. The good news is we drove it off. The bad news was it came back….and brought it’s big brother.