As we went through the process of my healing and recovery, there were some instances that were particularly notable. Notice I said as WE went through the process.

While I was the one with the injury, I wasn’t the only one involved in the recovery process. We sometimes forget what others encounter whenever a loved one is sick or injured. Having gone through that part of it myself on more than one occasion, it’s equally important that we maintain our awareness of how these situations impact everyone involved.

Especially during the early phase of recovery – that time when I was at my most helpless – my dear wife was almost overcome with the tasks she was forced to endure. Working in an industry that can only be classified as harsh and cruel, she was forced to deal with an unsympathetic employer – no, we can’t afford for you to take time off to care for your husband.

Working long hours, coming home and then tending to me was starting to take a heavy physical toll. Not to mention the emotional worries that her long hours of absence had started to produce. The load was starting to overwhelm her.

She related how, on more than one occasion, she had been overcome with all that was upon her. And she would hide away for a while, just to let the tears out. And then, she prayed. I prayed. We prayed together. For all that was upon us. Healing for me. Strength and wisdom for her. And comfort. Assurance in knowing things would work out.

All I can say is, God responded. In a big way. Pouring strength and comfort into her. And into me. The transformation was instant and powerful. Prayers were answered, almost as soon as they were uttered.

Most of us realize, in a general sort of way, that God hears our prayers. Yet when He answers our prayers for specific needs, it is always overwhelming. And humbling. To know that He hears us – and answers us – never ceases to produce a sense of awe.

Throughout the attack, throughout the recovery, throughout all the trials we faced in this, one thing emerged with a clarity we never would have imagined – He was there. The whole time.

And He used it for good. He brought both of us further up the mountain.


  1. Joe,

    I’ve discovered that He really is there, inches away, only unseen. He really hears, and answers. I’ve been calling him hard lately, and am struggling to see through this dark night. He’s here, but there is also “someone else in the room.” And to be honest, it’s hard to detect him until you’re in his grip. Not sure where I’m going to end up, I’ll email you. Need some input…

  2. Hello Joe, I had the privilege to speak at length with Dora Lee this evening and what a blessing she is! I thank God for His saving grace and for the healing that our Lord Jesus has provided for you….as He also did for me.

    Seven years ago my doctors at Johns Hopkins Bay View Medical Center in Baltimore, Md. said I would not live. I had given up hope as well….but then JESUS had other plans for me. I am a miracle and now I lay hands on the sick and see them recover….some instantly! What an awesome God we serve! I am looking forward to reading more on your site and getting to know both of you.

    I pray He will permit our paths to cross in person some day soon. I can tell He is using both of you in such an awesome way. Anita and I are seeking Him daily and strive to walk in His will. It is such a wonderful life to walk with Him and have a personal relationship with Him. I pray He will open huge doors for you both as you continue to walk in the ministry He has called you to walk in. Blessings to you both and thank you for your prayers for us. He does all things well and He is worthy of all of our praise and adoration! Bro. Wilson

    • Wilson, thank you for your kind words and praise God for His miracle of healing in your life!

      We look forward to our paths crossing. As we both know, our God answers prayers and it’s just a question of His timing.

      May God Bless you and Anita in your ministry and know that you both are in our prayers.

  3. Dora Lee Stallard says:

    A long time has passed since “Reflections” was posted, but I have had time to reflect on this whole experience. I would like to share what I have learned and how I have grown from this. As christians we constantly remind ourselves that no matter what trials we go through that our God is always with us and will never forsake us. Do we truly believe that with our hearts? Do we receive it? The difficulty for me at first was that I was trying to handle everything on my own. I prayed, but didn’t hear what God was telling me. I didn’t want Joe to think he was a burden. He wasn’t! I was the burden to myself! It was when I decided to let God control the situation and listen to him that everything changed. I finally got it! It was about surrendering to God and allowing his grace to cover us!

    When I brought Joe home from the rehab center I parked him in his wheelchair in the middle of the room and told him that it was time to come to Jesus. This time when I prayed I knew with my heart and spirit that God was in control and we received the healing power of Jesus over him and claimed Jesus to be the only healer. The difference this time is that I really believed it. I had to accept that God loves me the same way he loves all of his children! God used this experience to make me a stronger person and bring me closer to him.

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