Lifting A Veil

A few people had indicated their desire for Bob to pray over them. As Bob went about the room, one couple told him about the woman’s problem with “night terrors.”

Both of them professed to be born-again Christians. The husband went on to describe that virtually every night he would be awakened by his wife’s screaming. She would usually be standing beside the bed screaming and trembling… [ Read the full article … ]

A Time Apart

I was out of work for the next seven months.

That time was a strange mixture, to put it mildly.

On almost a daily basis I would arise with a new resolve to take the time to get to know my God better. And something would come up that would keep me from it… [ Read the full article … ]

Things That Go Bump

As we were watching TV one evening, we heard a loud thump from the upstairs bedroom. Certain that one of the boxes stored in our spare bedroom had fallen, I went upstairs to check.

Nothing. No sign of anything out of place. Maybe it was the cat. No, the cat had been in the living room with us. Oh well….  [ Read the full article … ]