Another Lesson In God’s Economy

Some time back, my wife had gotten a phone call from one of the banks that she does business with in her job at the car dealership.

It seems that they had been running a promotion and she was to receive a gift card from the bank in the amount of $900.00. Rather than spend the money on ourselves or on Christmas presents, she felt led to donate it to one of the local shelters that has a special place in her heart. It’s an organization called Sheltering Wings. [ Read the full article … ]

God’s Economy

Isaiah 55:9 –

For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Through a recent experience, I had the opportunity to watch those words come alive and to get a glimpse into how God’s economy can sometimes work.

Several years ago, I was a partner in a small auto dealership. One of our vendors held a contest and as one of the winners I was given the opportunity to choose a gift from their prize catalog. [ Read the full article … ]


As we went through the process of my healing and recovery, there were some instances that were particularly notable. Notice I said as WE went through the process.  [ Read the full article … ]

Big Idea, Part 3

This is the third and final installment of the Big Idea series. No doubt these concepts will be revisited in future posts as they are key elements to our survival.

Just in case you haven’t read the first two parts, I suggest you do so now. Otherwise, you won’t be at all prepared for what I consider the most shocking part.  [ Read the full article … ]

Big Idea, Part 2

C. S. Lewis writes about one of the things that most impressed him when he first began to read the New Testament seriously.

He talks of the overwhelming sense that there is an evil in this world. An evil unseen, yet present everywhere.

He went on to compare his becoming a Christian to that of a soldier in World War II. Not just any soldier, mind you. He compares it to the soldier who is dropped, alone, behind enemy lines.

Not a very encouraging picture. Accurate, but not pretty. [ Read the full article … ]

Big Idea, Part 1

Further up and further in – the words of C. S. Lewis. That is where we’re being called, you know.

Looking at that mountain, we somehow get the vague sensation that this journey just might get a little dangerous.

And it will. Deep inside, we know this.

Now, if you’re like me, you just might question whether you’re ready for this. That’s probably a good question for us to ask ourselves. In order to survive, we really need to see what we’re up against. [ Read the full article … ]

Visiting the 700 Club

You wouldn’t think that making a trip to Virginia Beach would be all that much. It was really amazing that this simple trip was met with such resistance by the enemy.  [ Read the full article … ]