A Double Edged Attack

Over the past few weeks, some of those closest to me have been caught up in what has been revealed to be a two-pronged attack by the enemy.

The attack itself began, as it almost always does, very subtly and almost unnoticed. Building into a major battle.

I want to spend a few minutes exploring what actually turned into a fairly strong spiritual battle in the hope that you might gain some insight into how to combat this should you, or someone close to you, experience something similar. [ Read the full article … ]

A Different Kind of Fight

Over the course of the past few weeks I’ve been following the stories of 2 men who recently had the good fortune to attend one of the Ransomed Heart’s boot camps hosted by John Eldredge.

Both of them have been freely sharing the changes that they are undergoing as a result of this experience.

To help understand the change that’s taking place, I want to share a story. It’s a true story, and it gives us some physical parallels to the spiritual changes that these men are undergoing. [ Read the full article … ]

Lifting A Veil, Part 2

Being on Bob Larson’s mailing list, I get frequent updates on his ministry as well as announcements of his travel schedule and conference events.  [ Read the full article … ]

Stand Still, And See

Exodus 14:13 –

And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD, which He will show to you today: …

A little over a year ago, we had gotten the bad news that a dear family member was diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis was not good as this particular type was highly aggressive. [ Read the full article … ]

And These Signs……

Mark 16:17 –

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

Patrick had first come into our lives about 2 years ago. Visiting us at the dealership we worked in, he was in need of a new car.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, we managed to get financing for him and put him into a car. He didn’t get to keep it long. He lost his job – then was forced to move from the house he had been living in. [ Read the full article … ]


As we went through the process of my healing and recovery, there were some instances that were particularly notable. Notice I said as WE went through the process.  [ Read the full article … ]

Attacked Again

This post will be just a bit longer than normal. Apologies up front for this, but there are some observations and clear messages that need to be addressed.

It was late February 2007. My son was moving back to Kentucky and I had agreed to help. My thinking at the time was – take your time – be careful. It didn’t work.  [ Read the full article … ]

The Stage Is Set

Over the next few months, Tom and I continued to have our regular conversations. As we discussed various events occurring in each of our lives, we began to discern a definite pattern in the enemy’s tactics.  [ Read the full article … ]

Sometimes They Come Back

It was just a day or two after that initial encounter with whatever that “presence” was, that my wife once again called to me to come upstairs.

Just like the previous time, she was agitated. “It’s come back,” she said. I didn’t need to ask what she meant. This time I could sense it. Cold. Evil. It made me shudder. And there was a sense of fear starting to rise up in me. [ Read the full article … ]

There’s Something Here

Returning home from that first visit to meet with Tom and his church, we began to discuss the visit and all that we had experienced. We also voiced the question,

“Wonder what’s next?”

It didn’t take long to get an answer. [ Read the full article … ]