Welcome, pilgrim ...

Beyond Here there be Dragons

Joe Stallard

This is the warning that the ancient mapmakers would put on their maps to warn ships that they were about to enter into uncharted waters – unknown and dangerous territory.

* * * * *

Children don't need fairy tales to tell them about dragons. They already know. They need fairy tales to tell them there is someone to fight the dragon.
  — G.K. Chesterton

This site chronicles a quest - my quest to discover and live the part that God has written into His story for me.

It is a journey into uncharted waters.

It is written from a Christian perspective – hopefully a bit different one than what you may have been told Christianity was all about.

No steeples, no incense, no religion. Just a story.

Life is, after all, a story.

John Eldredge said it a lot better than I ever could...

“... Like a movie that we arrived at forty minutes late, our lives really don’t make much sense until we understand the rest of the Story. We all need to understand the Story of this life we live, and find our place in it.”

You’re invited to come with me on this quest into uncharted waters.

To borrow a phrase from C. S. Lewis – perhaps we’ll both go “further up and further in.”