A Friend in Need

So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.

Galatians 6:10 (ESV)

At the recent Westminster Seminary California faculty conference, Mike Horton said –

“God doesn’t need your good works, your neighbor does.”

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Light It Up

Every now and then, you come across something that’s just too good to keep to yourself.

Crank up the volume.

Amazing Grace Techno – Computer Controlled Christmas Lights from Richard Holdman on Vimeo.

The Least of These

On October 20, two suicide bombers launched near simultaneous attacks on both the men’s and women’s side of the campus at the International Islamic University, located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

After shooting the guard who stood at the entry to the women’s cafeteria, the only obstacle barring his entry into the room containing some 400 women was the janitor.

The janitor refused to let the gunman pass.

Are You There?

Have you ever wondered – “God, are you there?”

Maybe you’ve been experiencing a spiritual battle. Maybe some tough times. Possibly you’re wondering where God is right now.

I’ve been told on a number of occasions, by a fairly large number of my Christian friends, that there are times when they just don’t sense or feel the presence of God in their lives.

Perhaps you’ve experienced this as well. I know that I have.
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Notes From the Outpost

In the blogging world, it’s considered bad form to apologize for not posting.

What started out as a short break suddenly mushroomed into an extended sabbatical and I just realized how lame that is.

The fort has not been deserted, I’ve just been at the outpost for a bit.

For the curious among you, a quick update on some of what’s been happening: [ Read the full article … ]

Sleeping With the Enemy

A few years back, there was a movie introduced with this title. It told the story of a young woman being held captive in an abusive relationship and of her attempts to escape.

The parallels and comparisons to much of today’s western church are really quite remarkable – with one important exception. [ Read the full article … ]

Offensive & Unpopular

In the last installment of this series you were given the opportunity to view one of the most popular video clips ever posted at tangle.com.

So, in the interest of keeping things “fair and balanced,” I want to present you with one that falls at the other end of the spectrum. [ Read the full article … ]

Deception In The Ranks: A Little Leaven

This is the second installment of the series on deception in the church today.

My original intent was to present you with a single post and highlight a few sacred cows that seem to be fairly commonplace in churches, however, it grew to be such a large article that I’ve decided to split it up. [ Read the full article … ]

Spiritual or Soulish: Deception in the Ranks

Ready to slaughter some sacred cows?

For some time now, I’ve been observing how many of today’s “christians” have willingly swallowed the deception that is rampant in today’s world.

And, for the most part, the church has been the first to belly up to the trough. There are exceptions, of course, but they’re getting harder and harder to find. [ Read the full article … ]

A Few Rules of Engagement

There is one area of the Christian life that I notice many of us encounter real difficulty. And I believe a lot of this difficulty stems from a combination of bad teaching and our own misconceptions. [ Read the full article … ]