And These Signs……

Mark 16:17 –

And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

Patrick had first come into our lives about 2 years ago. Visiting us at the dealership we worked in, he was in need of a new car.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, we managed to get financing for him and put him into a car. He didn’t get to keep it long. He lost his job – then was forced to move from the house he had been living in.

The situation quickly went from bad to worse. He made several visits to us during this time and our conversations eventually turned to faith (as they always seemed to do). Yes, he had faith. Yes, he believed in God and seemed sincere in wanting to draw closer to Him.

One of the comments he repeatedly made was something like this: “Why is this happening to me? I just can’t believe it.”

His underlying attitude was one of “poor, pitiful me.”

We attempted to try and minister to him throughout this time. Arming him with prayers, praying on his behalf and giving him financial support so he could feed his family. Not much seemed to work.

And then, he sort of drifted away. Not showing up very often. Maybe once every 3 or 4 months stopping by when he needed more money, but for the most part – out of touch.

Then he re-appeared. By then, I wasn’t working with my wife any longer so she had the thrill of dealing with him alone for a while. She gave him some solid guidance and he seemed to be sincerely convicted that just maybe he needed to change some things.

She arranged for him to visit our church, along with his wife. Both of them at that time re-committed their lives to Jesus Christ and were baptized. And then, he faded away again. But not for too long.

Calling me, he related how he had been evicted, his family was now split with his kids living all over town and he and his wife were living with his wife’s sister. With his previous track record, I really didn’t have any great interest in getting involved with him again.

But then I realized – God puts people in our path for a reason and I had to do my part.

I was led to go visit him and start acting as his personal taxi in order for him to work out his problems with the state’s welfare system. He would get benefits for a while, then lose them. Usually his fault.

So – that was the first area we worked on. And worked on, and worked on. Until he finally started getting his benefits again. But there was something else going on here and I really couldn’t put my finger on it.

On the second or third occasion that we went to visit him, I had prayed beforehand asking for guidance and asking what to do. I was led to talk with him about the book of Hosea.

Hosea? Yep. I’ll confess up front that I really didn’t understand. And then I was led to Henry’s commentary and it became clear. Patrick had been listening to some really bad advice from others.

We went to their apartment and I spent about 30 minutes talking with Patrick and his wife about “listening to wooden posts.” Taking advice from people instead of turning to God for answers. And he broke down.

It was amazing to actually “see” the sword of the spirit pierce someone and then be witness as they prayed for forgiveness. As John the Baptist said, “The Lord loves a repentant heart.”

But we weren’t finished just yet. My wife loaded Patrick’s wife and youngest daughter in the car and took them shopping. The little girl needed shoes.

I stayed behind with Patrick. Something was leading me to spend a little time with him. I sure had no idea about what we were in for.

Patrick was still wallowing in his self-pity. After a while, it sort of starts to grate on your nerves. And then, I recalled having read in one of Derek Prince’s books that he had discovered that self-pity may be spiritual in nature. In other words – demonic.

So I started to coach Patrick through a series of prayers. He was more than eager, and that was encouraging. The prayers were some that I had learned over time – their purpose was to cause any demonic spirits to manifest. Nothing happened.

That was when God showed up. It suddenly came to mind to lead him in a simple prayer – “Lord, reveal to me the true enemies of my heart, my soul and my life.”

Patrick had trouble with the prayer. Tongue-tied is the only way to describe it. Couldn’t form the words. So we tried – again and again.

Finally, he got it right. And started to shake and shiver. As if he had stepped into a howling blizzard.

He jumped (yes, jumped) from his chair. Still trembling, his eyes were like saucers. “What was that?” he asked. I suggested he pray it again. At first he didn’t want to, then he started it over.

Same reaction. Jumped out of the chair and was shivering – uncontrollable shivering. I realized that we were on to something – and told him so.

I told him I wanted to try it again – and as he would say the prayer, I was also going to be praying. I just didn’t tell him what I was going to pray. So he started once again. By now he had the prayer down pat and didn’t need any coaxing.

As he prayed, I started to pray – aloud, but quietly. My prayer was – “Father in Heaven, I thank you that you have given me all authority over the enemy and all his works in Jesus Christ. In the name of Jesus Christ, I now claim that authority. In the name of Jesus Christ, I speak now to this foul spirit that is tormenting Patrick and in Jesus’ name I command you to leave.”

Patrick’s reaction was instant. His whole body started twitching and jerking. On the verge of convulsion. He was jumping around the room now. He let out a loud and painful moan – “Ooooooooo.” He wrapped his arms around his torso, his eyes and mouth wide open.

And then, it stopped. As quickly as it had begun. Patrick was rubbing his arms. “Something had hold of me! Something had hold of me! Oh, oh, oh! What just happened? Oh – it’s gone! It’s gone!”

The transformation in Patrick was instant and noticeable. Overnight, he was a changed man. Within a matter of days, he had gotten a new job, found him a place of his own and was truly trying to walk with God.

And – no more self-pity. Confident, assured and happy. Enjoyable to be around. The personality change was startling.

I count it as a true blessing from the Lord Jesus Christ to have been given the privilege of being a witness and participant in this man’s miracle of deliverance.

Unfortunately, I have to say that all has not worked out well.

As a footnote to this incident, I want to mention that it has now been about 6 or 7 months since these events took place.

Once again, Patrick has returned to his old nature – slipped under the radar again. We’ve seen him a couple of times and he’s still free from the “poor pitiful me” attitude. Working in his new job, moving up in the company and providing for his family.

My wife and I occasionally discuss Patrick and his family. There’s still much work to be done and we are sorrowful that he apparently hasn’t continued on the path that he had begun. We also recognize that these things are beyond our control.

I just have a strong feeling that we haven’t heard the last from him.


  1. Praise God that you had the strength and character to follow God’s leading to spend time with this man. There are so many times that people are brought across our path in life that we don’t give them a second thought or we think we are too busy or we think to ourself that this person is going to be a drain on me and my family.

    Its when we take the time to sit and listen that we can many times see the leading of God much more clearly.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Спасибо, очень понравилось!

    From Google translate: Thank you very upset!

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