Visiting the 700 Club

You wouldn’t think that making a trip to Virginia Beach would be all that much. It was really amazing that this simple trip was met with such resistance by the enemy.

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Visiting the 700 Club

Prior to being invited to the 700 Club as a guest, we had visited Virginia Beach as guests of one of the banks that my wife worked with. They have an annual get together for their dealers and host a charity golf tournament and other activities.

Whenever we attend this event, we always fly out a day early in order to visit the 700 Club. It was during this visit earlier in the year that my wife walked up to Pat Robertson and gave him a copy of my testimony (A Walk In The Valley).

A couple of weeks after that visit, we got a call from the 700 Club. They wanted me to share this story on their show.

The initial schedule was set, then revised, and finally they called to set up the details.

I was scheduled to appear on the November 15th show. One of the producers and a camera crew would come to our house in October to film part of the interview.

Everything went pretty much as planned. We had a great time with the people that came to our house.

Finally, the time arrived for us to fly to Virginia Beach.

That was an interesting day. It seemed as though everything we did was opposed. We were constantly hammered with discouragement throughout the day.

The initial flight was delayed. Storms in Philadelphia. So we got booked on an alternate flight to Charlotte. Only 3 hours later than our original departure.

As we were waiting, I got a call from one of the contacts at the 700 Club. She inquired about our scheduling delay and then commented – “Satan doesn’t want you here.”

We got into Charlotte, only to find that the connecting flight into Virginia Beach was delayed. More storms. In Nashville. That’s where our connecting flight originated.

As we were passing time in the Charlotte airport, we got several calls from the 700 Club security people. They were planning to meet us at the airport to transport us to the hotel.

They were tracking our flight. And they let us know that the prayer partners were praying for our safe arrival.

After several hours delay, we finally arrived. Just not at the 4:00 scheduled time. We got to the hotel about 11:00 that night. Really worn out. That night we prayed that the Lord would multiply our rest and grant me the wisdom and peace to tell my story in a way that glorified Him.

Just another coincidence? No, I don’t think so. I stopped believing in coincidence a long time ago. Nothing just happens.

The message was pretty clear – somebody was supposed to hear my story.

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