Archives for January 2009

New Year, New Look

Since we’re now in the throes of a new year, I finally bit the bullet and updated the site (did someone say, “what, again?”).

Yes, again.

And I really say that with just a bit of reluctance. I actually liked the old design, but I had begun to notice some things about it that you kind readers were far too polite to mention. [ Read the full article … ]

A Double Edged Attack

Over the past few weeks, some of those closest to me have been caught up in what has been revealed to be a two-pronged attack by the enemy.

The attack itself began, as it almost always does, very subtly and almost unnoticed. Building into a major battle.

I want to spend a few minutes exploring what actually turned into a fairly strong spiritual battle in the hope that you might gain some insight into how to combat this should you, or someone close to you, experience something similar. [ Read the full article … ]